Saturday, May 19, 2012



1. What role does the media play in our lives?

Media plays a role in delivering information to the world, and the information could be either truth or false. Media is the best tool that we can gain information from, which means it has a strong influence on how we think. A news could be viewed by people all over the world, so those huge amount of people could be influenced at once. Often, what's said by the media is what the majority thinks. Media could be helpfull but could also be harmful. Media doesn't really have to say something to give influence, it can just let the viewers believe in the way media wants them to belive by showing them the images of how awful or how nice a person, or an event is. It's actually really scary that how media can easily affect the way we think.

2. Have you ever read/watched a news story that made you angry and/or what take action?

I was so mad to learn that the NewYork Knicks hid Jermey Lin's injury purposely so people would still pay for the game to see him. The Knicks told the public that Jermey Lin got injured at the day the play off tickets were sold out, and said Jeremy Lin might play. Then people went to the game to see him sitting on the bench in suits and almost everyone was disappointed and felt they had been deceived. At the first time, the Knickes still asked Jermey to play because lots of people payed just to see his play, which made his small injury got worse and ended up with him being unable to play the whole season.

3. Who is accountable for the media?

Basically the news editors have the control of showing what news to the people but sometimes, the majority is also responsible for what is told in the news. Nowadays, people are able to call the news bureau to tell the claims which the news editor would take that information to make news that the viewers would see on the news later on. So I think it's not always news bureau's responsibility for the information brought up by the news reporter, we the citizens also have the responsibility.


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